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Do you or your child want to get involved in helping Going Places by raising money for disadvantaged kids who are missing out on the Joy of a bike? By creating your own fundraiser you can take ownership over and be empowered by creating your own fundraiser to help buy bikes for kids who cannot afford one! When a disadvantaged child receives a bike from us, it truly transforms their childhood! 

All you have to do click the “Create Fundraiser’ button below and then click "Start a Campaign.” Then it’s all up to you! 

Some fundraising ideas: 

❏ Share your campaign’s link by TEXTING and EMAILING all of your friends, family, and coworkers


❏ Post your campaign’s link on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn 

pages once a week and in your “story” 1-2/week


 ❏ Personally ask your family, co-workers, employers, and friends to join and/or support 

your campaign


 ❏ Does your business or someone you know own a business that has a product you can raffle off?


 ❏ Does anyone you know work for a company willing to match donations?


 ❏ Set a goal! How many bikes do want to raise money for?


 ❏ Be creative! 

Your donors will be automatically emailed a tax-receipt when they donate! 


1 bike = $94

1 helmet = $6

1 lock = $4 

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